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How to clear Zanotti alarm codes - Zer0

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

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Each alarm is accompanied by an audible alert, in addition the controller displays the EXPLANATION ( ! ) and its abbreviation (instead of the set-point). The audible alarm stops by pressing any key. The alarm usually appears as long it is active; in the case of an alarm with an automatic reset, the symbol disappears, but will still remain stored in the archive and can be retrieved in the alarm history.

Alarm history

The controller is capable of storing the last 10 alarms that occurred and their duration. If an alarm is present in the archive, the EXPLANATION ( ! )icon will be flashing in the upper right of the display. To show the stored alarms:Push the UP ARROW button for a few seconds The upper display shows the code of the last alarm and the lower display shows the number of times that it occurred;Pushing the UP ARROW again shows the codes of othe r alarms, from newest to oldest.To check the duration of alarm, press the SET buttonPushing the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW button to cycle through the alarms.If no alarm is present in the archive, the display will show noA.

Alarm reset

Enter in the alarm display by pushing the UP ARROWTo reset the showed alarm, press the SET button for 2 seconds and the display will show rSt on the lower displayNOTE: Active alarms can’t be erasedTo erase the whole archive press and hold the SET button for 10 secondsThe display will show in sequence: rsT, clr, noA


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