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Last Mile & Long Haul Refrigeration Machines

Vehicle Refrigeration Unit

Are you looking for a high-quality vehicle refrigeration unit that will continue to perform for the upcoming years and decades to come?  


At Zanotti, we’ve innovated some of the most premier quality truck cooling units available in the industry. These units are designed to carry temperature-sensitive cargo for various truck sizes. These units can also be used for cargo vans (engine driven) and trailers. To avoid unnecessary stops, in case you need to make adjustments to the temperature, our refrigeration units offer full control from the convenience of the cab. At Zanotti, we are raising the bar when it comes to the refrigeration industry.  


Industries Who Need Refrigeration Units 


While there are a large number of products that do not require temperature-controlled environments when being transported, there are quite a few that require it. Vehicle refrigeration units are necessary for foodservice distribution, pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies, rare art pieces, and several more. It is imperative high-functioning refrigeration units exist for these industries. Zanotti’s products preform well above even under the harshest conditions. Even in cases of extreme heat, our units continuously maintain consistent temperatures. 


What Our Models Offer 


Our transport refrigeration machines are available for all size vehicles. They provide full temperature control, offering a range from -20° F to 60° F. So, whether you have frozen perishables or temperature-sensitive items that only require a slightly cooler atmosphere, our units can easily accommodate. We have a variety of mountable condenser unit options which include electric only, vehicle engine powered, and self-contained diesel models. All models are available with multi-zone capabilities. At Zanotti, we are constantly innovating our technology. The team is always coming up with new ways to reduce energy consumption so that the units lower company expenses while reducing the impact they have on the environment simultaneously. 


For more information on our vehicle refrigeration units, contact one of our team members today




We will recommend the proper machine specifications for your vehicle and connect you with our nationwide installation network


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E-mail us your questions or use the service network map below to connect with a service center for a repair




Zanotti Refrigeration parts

Collect the machine model name and serial number to send with your part request

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Z1100 on a promaster.jpg

Ideal for city delivery vehicles and powered by the vehicle battery

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Engine Driven Units

More powerful units for regular, high roof, extended vans and small trucks

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Large Engine Driven Units

When an independent reefer is not needed but you still need the capacity necessary for a large truck.

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Self Contained Diesel

For complete operation independent of the vehicle our U Series has their own engine.

Electric Mobile Trailers

Transportable units are safe to operate while in motion on a trailer.

Electric Storage 

Efficient Dock Storage, less costly than engine powered

Refrigerated Vehicle, Refrigerated Van, Van Freezer, Thermo King, Carrier, Reefer Van, Kingtec

Refrigerated Van Freezer Van Freezer Truck Zanotti Transport Refrigeration

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