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Premium Truck Refrigeration Unit 

The U Range models are the next generation line of our premium truck refrigeration units. With the newly updated technology, these models surpassed our expectations when it came to its overall energy efficiency. The U Range is designed to function at optimum capacity levels, ensuring peak efficiency during all phases of the transport. We put a higher emphasis on the ecological focus so that we not only reduce costs but also leave less of a carbon footprint. With our continued advancements in technology, we’ve developed a condenser unit that demonstrated it can undergo a 15-year cycle of vibrational exposure before requiring any mechanical component replacement is necessary. 


Who Needs Our Technology?  


The demand for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo is only expected to increase. Having a premium truck refrigeration unit is a necessity if you want to ensure your items are stored at a consistent temperature. Businesses that could benefit from utilizing a premier quality refrigeration unit include: 


  • Meatpacking Companies 

  • Ice Cream Stores 

  • Pharmaceutical Companies 

  • Medical Suppliers 

  • Florists 

  • Meal Program Coordinators 

  • Catering Companies 

  • And More…. 


U Range Advancements 


The U Range offers a variety of improvements including a more powerful and precise microprocessor. This provides a more efficient analysis of all operating parameters. In addition to an updated microprocessor, we’ve significantly reduced the noise level produced by the condenser fans. We’ve also had the model undergo rigorous testing, demonstrating that maintenance requirements extend well beyond 2,000 hours of continuous use. This significantly reduces operating costs. All models come standard with an in-cab control system. This allows the driver to seamlessly control the temperature with the use of only a few buttons. It has an easy to use to interface with a password protecting options. 


Connect With Our Team 


Each model comes standard with a two-year warranty, with the option to upgrade. For more information about our U Range premium truck refrigeration unit, contact us today

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