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Genuine Zanotti Parts

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

We stock Zanotti OEM spare parts for all families of Transblock reefer units, including those pesky parts on older units.

spare parts
Zanotti Parts

Our spare part inventory includes, Zanotti Covers, Zanotti Fans, Zanotti Electric Boards, Zanotti CPR valves, Zanotti Vibrasorbers, Zanotti compressors and much much more.

Parts are available for:

FZ 114

FZ 214

FZ 219

FZ 229

SFZ 238

SFZ 248

SFZ 258

SFZ 008

SFZ 009

UFZ 338

UFZ 348

UFZ 358

DFZ 425

DFZ 430

DFZ 435







un0 060

un0 080

un0 100

un0 120

Basically we are here to support our customers with spare parts to just about every Zanotti reefer unit that has found its way into the United States. Contact us with inquires, we guarantee to get you a response within 24 hours!

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