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Zanotti Service Alarm Management

Many users forget that the "SEE" and "SEr" alarms flashing on the cab controller are only reminders that your Zanotti refrigeration machine is due for a "tune-up". Proper maintenance ensures maximum reliability of the equipment.

"SEE" = Stand-by operation timer

"SEr" = Road operation timer

The alarms are triggered when Partial run-time parameters "Etp" (partial Stand-by operation hour counter) OR "rtP" (partial Road operation hour counter) reaches the hour limit set by the Zanotti affiliate where the machine was installed.

PLEASE NOTE - all the operational hour parameters are expressed in units of 10 hours (example: SEr = 80 means 800 hours)

in-cab controller
Zanotti Controller

The advanced Zanotti in-cab controller tracks total hours for both operational modes, and offers the flexibility to alter the maintenance intervals and reminder settings.

For a complete list of operational parameters please contact us.


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